Downloading PeerfactSim.KOM

On this page, you can find the Java source code of the simulator. In order to compile and run the simulator, you can either compile it with ant or set it up in eclipse. The provided version already includes the settings to be set up in eclipse as a Java-project. To run the simulator, you need the JDK 1.6.

In addition to the source code, this page also includes the datasets for the old and new GNP-Model for the network layer. If you will simulate your P2P systems, with simple network models, you do not need to download the xml files. A screencast for running a simulation can be found at the screencast-page.

2013-06-28 Simulator Download

2012-03-01 Simulator Download

Measurements for the Network Layer models

The following datasets contain the requireid data for the detailed network models, which are used in PeerfactSim.KOM. Based on this data, latency, jitter, packet loss, and the geographical position of hosts is calculated. A detailed HowTo for the utilization of a dataset with the appropriate Network Layer model will be available soon.

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