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January 07, 2010

Revision of the PeerfactSim.KOM-Hompage

During the release of the new version of PeerfactSim.KOM, the corresponding homepage will be revised and updated with new information around PeerfactSim.KOM. Currently, the Documentation-Section is reorganized and enriched with new content. Further content will unregualariy follow ;)


January 07, 2010

New version of PeerfactSim.KOM

After a longer period of inactivity, a new version of PeerfactSim.KOM will be released in several days. The new release will contain some revised overlay models and provide some additional functionality concerning the configuration and launching of a simulation as well as the visualization of finished simulations.A detailed description of the features will be provided in the next days. The release will also comprise a revised documentation,...


January 26, 2009

PeerfactSim allows for network state visualization

From now on, PeerfactSim provides a novel functionality capable of visualizing  the state and network activity of PeerfactSim. This important feature can be used

to help developers of components, especially overlays, to find bugs and to support the developmentprocess in general,to show the operation of peer-to-peer networks to students for educational purposes,to present peer-to-peer technology to customers and other...


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