January 25, 2007 – Alter: 10 yrs

The First Workshop on PeerfactSim.KOM

Von: Aleksandra Kovacevic

We are glad to announce our first workshop on PeerfactSim.KOM, simulator for large scale peer-to-peer networks, to be held on February 6th, 2007. The main goal is to answer on the following questions:

  • Yet another peer-to-peer simulator?
  • Architecture of simulator
  • How to use simulator? (demo)
    • Setting up simulation: secnarios and metrics
    • User interface
  • Which overlays are implemented and how? (closer look into the code)
  • How to implement new overlays? (demo, implementation of a simple overlay)

Please let us know whether you are interested to participate (contact us: ). More information and full program will be announced as soon as we have the rough number of participants. 

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