File Sharing Application 2

The file sharing application in PeerfactSim.KOM called File Sharing Application 2 is an application which simulates simple file sharing methods. It allows to define large sets of documents along with the distribution of their lookup and publish probability. The overlay allows to randomly take documents from this sets for storing and publishing, according to the defined probabilities. The application was tested and is runnable on Chord, Kademlia, Gia and Gnutella06.

Aggregation Evaluation Application

The aggregation evaluation application is used to provide a monitoring mechanism with measured values. The monitoring mechanism uses these values as input for its internal processing to obtain the current state of the system or peers and generate statistics. The aggregation evaluation application can be configured to generate values based on mathematical functions, based on traces, or based on values from the simulation itself (e.g., the current traffic of a node may serve as input).

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