Default Transport Layer Model

The Transport Layer’s main task is to provide an end-to-end communication service to higher layers, like P2P overlays or applications. As they may have differing requirements for this communication, there are several optional services the Transport Layer may provide. This includes services, such as multiplexing by using the notion of ports, connection-oriented data streams, error-correction, and flow-control. For simulations the question if, and in what details, these services are realized, depends on the simulation’s purpose. As PeerfactSim.KOM was primarily built to simulate large-scale P2P systems, the detailed mechanisms provided by the Transport Layer are most of the time not a focus of simulations.
The implementation of this layer therefore may abstract over the correct implementation of most services to allow efficient and still valuable simulations of higher layers.

So far, the only implementation of a Transport Layer for PeerfactSim.KOM is the Default Transport Layer. This implementation provides a model of UDP as well as a very simplified model of TCP which can currently just be used in combination with the GNP Network Layer Model.

Modular Transport Layer Model

To be completed

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